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Minneapolis Video Production
Project conceptualization and script writing

When you need video production in Minneapolis that’s professional and affordable contact the experts at Mediapolis. Mediapolis is a full service multimedia company, therefore we have the talent, resources, and technology to bring your concept and vision to life.


We’ll guide you though every aspect of the project from concept to completion. Your subject matter experts will help us define the concept that meets your expectations and budget. While keeping you abreast of the project’s progress, we’ll write your script, scout locations and audition talent.


Video Production Minneapolis
HD cameras capture your story

The production phase begins by recording the video and audio. The crew could range from one person to multiple people who help with different aspects of the recording.

We record video in HD (high definition) and use professional microphones to capture the sound. Professional lighting instruments and grip/gaffer equipment shape the lighting of the scene.  If needed we can even provide a teleprompter for the on-camera talent. We use devices like a jib arm, slider or gimbal as a result the B-roll footage is more dynamic. Experienced directing ensures that wooden acting and hackneyed dialogue don’t ruin your video. Both professional and amateur talent are made to feel comfortable so that they deliver their best performance.


video production minneapolis
Editing brings it all together with video and sound

The post-production phase starts with editing. If your video is a interview or documentary this might include adding B-roll (alternate footage inter-cut with the main shot that support the program). B-roll can video, photos or motion graphics.  Next, the video is polished with sound design and color correction. Finally a finished video that is optimized for playback which may include one or more of the following: computers, tablets, smartphones, broadcast television, DVD and Blu-ray players. These tasks are also available à la carte to help you get what you want and need and to keep your project on budget.

Mediapolis, LLC has the talent, resources, and technology to bring your concept and vision to life. When you need video production services in Minneapolis, please call us at (612) 486-2221 or email us through the contact us page for more information.

Video Production Minneapolis

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