Webinar Services

Small Business Webinar Services: Webcast vs. Webinar vs. Web Conferencing

Webinar Services

Mediapolis’ webinar services are an additional way for small businesses to communicate with their audience.  Whether you call it webinars, webcasts, video conferences, web conferences, web seminars, web streaming or online seminars we offer several solutions for streaming media.

Webinars and webcasts are live online interactive events with a presenter and an audience. Both can be customized with branding, analytics, social media integration and are available for playback on-demand. Both offer  audience interaction with the presenter through messaging within the module. A facilitator usually helps the presenter filter the questions. The main difference between a webinar and webcast is that a webcast streams live video of the presenter. A webinar presentation can be self-service or require a small crew. A crew for webcast varies depending on how many cameras are deployed. To learn more about webcasts, go to our live event streaming services page.

Popular webinar vendors include WebEx, GoToWebinar, Adobe Connect and Google+ Hangouts On Air. Prices and features vary between the leading webinar vendors. WebEx starts from $24 per month for 8 users to $69 per month for up to 100 users. GoToWebinar’s starter plan starts from $89 per month for 100 attendees going up to $299/month for 1000 attendees. Adobe Connect starts from $1,250/year/webinar for up to 100 users. Not only is Google Hangouts fast and easy to use, but it’s also free. Anyone with a Google account can use it for voice and video calling and it allows multiple users to join a hangout. Users can share files, chat, share computer screens and a recording can be shared on YouTube. The downside is that it does not have paid user registrations or any marketing features that you would need to run a professional webinar. If you need to charge for webinars we suggest Webinars OnAir or WebinarJam. These vendors use Google Hangouts as the platform but add more features. Webinars OnAir pricing starts from $19.97 per month for maximum 25 participants while WebinarJam starts from $497/year.

Other webinar vendors worth mentioning include AnyMeetingStealthSeminar and Zoom. AnyMeeting’s pricing plans start from $18/month for 30 participants to $298 per month for 1000 participants.  StealthSeminar costs $97.00 in registration fee, then $69.95 per month for 150 users plan. Zoom has a free plan with limited features. Their basic plan starts at $14.99 per month.

Web conferencing is more conference-centric with two-way audio and video. Since web conferencing typically has a small number of participants it is usually self-service.

Good pre-production planning is key to executing a successful webinar or webcast. Call Mediapolis to learn more about webinar services or read more about producing webinars here.

What We Offer

From a single camera to multi-cameras, Mediapolis provides live streaming and remote video production services for small businesses.

We offer three levels of webcast or webinar services:

Bring Your Own Software (BYOS)
We Provide the Software (WPTS)
À La Carte Support Services

BYOS (Bring Your Own Software)

The BYOS plan allows you to purchase a subscription with a webinar vendor (e.g. Webex, Adobe Connect Pro, GoToWebinar, etc.).

As the producer we then charge you a flat rate per event for our time and expertise. As owner of the webinar account, you provide us with a login user id and password so we can administer the event on your system.

As your partner, we will:

Review your presentation — is it “webinar-ready”?
Implement any polls you wish to conduct.
Rehearse the event with you.

Day of event:
Handle audience technical questions during the event.
We introduce you when the event begins and we sign off when the event ends.

Webinar Software Guided Tour

Not sure which webinar software is the best for your situation? Virtually all webinar providers offer free trials so you can try before you buy. If you’re still unsure we can walk you through the different platforms so you pick one that works best for you.

WPTS (We Provide the Software)

This level includes all services described in the BYOS level for one flat fee per event but we also pass software usage charges onto you.

We’ll choose the best platform to use and then we bill you the actual usage costs when the event concludes. Costs vary depending on the number of attendees.

À La Carte Support Services
Mediapolis is happy to work as a member of your webinar production team. We’ll take care of all the tasks you could do yourself, but either don’t have time or the expertise for including:

  • Evaluating and providing technology needs
  • Scheduling the event with the webinar provider
  • Setting up registration pages
  • Writing copy for emails
  • Branding the landing page
  • Setting up an e-commerce provider
  • Editing presentations for typos and consistency
  • Registration reporting
  • Managing registration change requests from participants
  • Creating event reminders
  • Running live rehearsal with presenters
  • Creating a pre-show bumper
  • Setting up teleconferencing for attendees
  • Moderating the webinar
  • Delivering registration and attendance reports
  • Recording your event
  • Editing your event
  • Conducting post-event surveys
  • Teleconference audio recording

We understand that putting on webinars isn’t your only job. If your webinar events are pulling you away from your other duties, let Mediapolis gives you that extra boost of productivity you need to get it all done.

Every webinar or webcast set-up is a different, depending on your technical requirements.  We can provide you with a custom quote that fits your budget and requirements.

When you need webinar services in Minneapolis, please call us at (612) 486-2221 or email us through the contact us page for more information.

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