Audio Production

Mediapolis Specializes in Audio Production for Video

Sound is half the picture. George LucasProfessional audio production contributes significantly to a viewer’s experience. Audiences will tolerate bad video, but never bad audio. Bad sound is the number one thing that sabotages an otherwise good video. That’s why Mediapolis takes extra steps to insure that we record quality sound .

The Right Microphone for the Job

There are different microphones for different recording situations. Recording narration is a lot easier than recording a group of singers or musical instruments. Recording audio recording starts by selecting the right microphone and placing it correctly. One of the reasons audio sounds bad when it’s recorded with a smart phone or when the microphone is mounted on a camera is because the mic is too far away. Recording good audio starts by having the microphone close to the source.

Audio Post Production Services

Audio post production services include adding sound effects, Foley, production music, original music and dialogue enhancement. When the audio recording is poor, dialogue replacement may be necessary.

Proper mixing and mastering of the audio for your production is one of the key components to making a professional final product. We take audio post production very serious. We have all the software and hardware tools for audio post production. On staff and suppliers that create and perform original music when needed. We also have access to millions of production music tracks for licensing.

What are the right audio levels? For broadcast and cable in the United States the standard is defined by Congress, but for web and theatrical movies there is no defined level. In general web levels tend to be higher and movie levels lower than the standard.

On Location Sound Recording

Most sound recording is recorded in conjunction with video. The exception being a voice over which is edited later with the video. We record spoken voice, singing, instrumental music, or sound effects. Scouting the location before the shoot can help reveal sound issues like airplanes or HVAC systems.

Studio Recording

Voice-over recording differs from music recording. Music recording rooms are designed to have reverberation. But when recording a voice over you want exactly the opposite… a much more soundproof, and acoustically dead room.

We offer:

  • Voice Over Casting
  • Voice Over Recording
  • Audio Mixing and Post Production for Video
  • Foley Sound Design and Sound Effects
  • Dialogue Replacement

When recording audio, consider it more important than the video because if you don’t get it right, it’s always a lot more expensive to fix it in post.