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Mediapolis will help you reach your audience on any screen with video advertising

Video advertising should be a key component of any businesses’ marketing strategy.

Small to medium businesses can benefit from video advertising because it gives marketers an affordable alternative to television ads. There are several important considerations that make video adverting different from television advertising.

What is Video Advertising?

The 30 second commercial is no longer standard. Online video advertising has opened up a wide range lengths as short as the six second bumper ad. Video advertising are the online ads you see with video on websites. Most people are familiar with them from YouTube. In most cases, viewers have to watch the ad for 5 seconds and then they are given the option to skip the rest of the ad or continue watching.

Why Digital Social Media Advertising?

Consumers who watch online videos are a valuable commodity to advertisers. Creating engaging video is a lot harder than writing a static text or image ad. So why go through all the work? Because YouTube and Facebook ads gives small businesses an affordable alternative to television commercials.

While broadcast television and cable TV viewership has declined over the past few decades, YouTube and Facebook viewership has skyrocketed. Every day, the world watches over a billion hours of YouTube videos.

Major video platforms like YouTube and Facebook give users the ability to control their advertising exposure. Running video advertising campaign on YouTube is not much different than placing a display ad.

Why Mediapolis?

Mediapolis is experienced at creating video advertising. Our team will gather background information on your target market and identify key attributes to be used for targeting your audience. From this, we’ll develop  your concept, write the script and produce a professional video that get your audience’s attention and creates a great impression for your company.

Today, creative is critical to keeping the attention in a mobile world where consumers expect content and answers immediately and have total choice and control. They’ll quickly skip, swipe, or tune-out of anything that doesn’t hold their interest. According to Harvard Business Review, “creativity matters: overall, more-creative campaigns were more effective… in influencing purchasing behavior.”

The Secret Sauce

Most successful social media adverting videos that drive action meet two important criteria: they function as a direct-response ad and they must be built to work in a mobile viewing context. The secret is to build visuals for small mobile screens. Faster pacing and closeups especially on faces and key details make the video pop. Bright footage shows up better on dim phone screens. Big text/graphics stand out on small screens. There are certain areas of the screen we avoid when placing text/graphics on YouTube ads.

Traditional Story Arc vs Digital Story Arc

Traditional ads have a slow build, but digital ads start strong and stay strong.

Traditional vs Digital Story Arc

The first five seconds are the most important because if the viewer doesn’t like what they see in those first five seconds they’re going to be very likely to click the skip button. Digital videos attract attention immediately by introducing the product as a solution to a problem. Then they continue connecting by showing/telling more about the product’s benefits before directing the viewer to take a specific action.

Keeping your message fresh over time is encouraged if you plan to speak to the same audiences over and over. You should also plan to update any time-based offers, deals or promotions as they change.

Finally, you’re going to need a landing page on your website for the advertisement. When the viewer clicks on your video this will be the page where they buy or learn more about your product or service. If you need help with website design, Mediapolis can help you create this page.

Mediapolis can create video advertising that reaches your target audience. Contact us today for more information on how video advertising can help you create powerful video advertising that drives traffic.

See examples of our video production work.

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