Medical Video Production

Why Hire a Medical Video Production Company?

While hiring a medical video production company is not brain surgery, you can’t have a doctor remake a cut if you miss the shot. There are many reasons to consider Mediapolis to help produce your next medical device, pharmaceutical or healthcare video. Mediapolis is a full service video production company which means we offer more expertise like recording the output of medical devices or streaming the content live to a remote audience. Some of the videos we can produce include the following:

Medical Device
Medical Procedure
Patient Education
Medical Training
Medical Animation
Surgical Animation
Patient Education
General Surgery
Organ Transplants
FDA Trials

For teaching and presenting, recorded video has become critical in operating room procedures. A video can help explain your pharmaceutical product or medical device or show your medical laboratory service or healthcare facilities. Therefore a video is a good choice to promote a unique therapy or influence medical professionals and the public.

Surgical Recording

Mediapolis has experience in operating rooms, electrophysiology (EP) and catheterization (cath) labs. As a result, we understand hospital protocols and work directly with physicians and staff. We help your organization comply with HIPAA and other regulations from understanding safety procedures to knowing how to dress and where to go and not go in a sterile environment. The hospital must have consent of everyone in the room to record. Our crews have the latest vaccinations including up-to-date Hepatitis and TB test.

Audio Recording

When the audio of a surgeon must be recorded, we use a wireless mic that is attached to the scrubs collar. The transmitter pack is switched on before the surgeon puts on his or her sterile surgical gown. We test the microphone before attaching, since it cannot be touched once the gown is on.

Lighting the OR Room

Surgeons use bright overhead fixtures to light their work. These lights are much brighter than the rest of the room therefore it’s important to add additional lighting to balance the light in the room otherwise the contrast will be very high.

Surgeon Point-of-view Recording

A head-mounted point-of-view (POV) camera is a high quality and unobtrusive technique to record surgery from the surgeons prospective. The footage can be a useful teaching tool that can be subsequently edited along with the other video footage.

Medical Device Recording

The newest endoscopic camera systems and operating microscopes have integrated systems to record video footage. For those devices that don’t, we have special tools that allow us to tap into video output so that this footage can be recorded and used for training or your medical marketing initiatives. We can record the real-time output of your medical devices including endoscopes, ultrasounds, hemodynamic monitors, fluoroscopes, and many other devices. It’s a good idea to scout the location prior to recording and have a pre-surgery meeting to go over what procedures will happen and what medical devices need to be recorded. Plan, plan, plan is the only way to ensure you will have a good recording.

Surgical Live Streaming

The surgical footage from both cameras and devices can be live streamed to a remote audience for teaching or shared with consultants for near real-time viewing. Multi-cameras and surgical devices can be live streamed.

Interviewing Patients, Physicians and Medical Staff

Our team understands that interviewing patients is a sensitive endeavor therefore it requires knowledge and empathy of the patient’s condition and experience. We work with your subject matter experts so that the patient is comfortable answering questions in front of a camera.

We know they physicians and medical staff have busy schedules and their time is valuable, therefore we try to schedule interviews far in advance. During the interview, we make sure he or she avoids jargon that will not be understood by the target audience.

Marketing or Website Video

Creating marketing or website videos around a particular marketing message boosts lead generation, product awareness and medical sales. Patient testimonials showcase the exceptional care your practice provides. A tour of the office video can introduce the doctors and the staff. Procedural descriptions and post op care videos help a patient understand the procedure and what to expect during and after.

Trade Show Video

Trade show videos are often shown in noisy exhibition halls where it is hard to understand the spoken word consequently these video are often graphic and music driven .

If you want to see how our medical video production services will be beneficial for your organization, contact Mediapolis for a free evaluation.