Foreign Language Dubbing

Translate the Content of Your Video in any Language with Foreign Language Dubbing

foreign language dubbingForeign language dubbing, helps multinational businesses to communicate in any language.

Dubbing, mixing, or re-recording is a post-production process used in video production in which an additional language is recorded and then remixed with the original sound and video to create a finished soundtrack and video with another language.

Foreign language dubbing is not subtitles or closed-captioning. The actual spoken audio track is re-recorded. If there are graphics or titles in the original video they may also be translated into the new language.

Translation Types

Approaches to foreign language dubbing will differ depending on the type of program (whether the speaker is on-camera or off-camera). There are several types of voice dubbing.

The UN-style is used when a speaker talks but then is interrupted by an interpreter who narrates in the native language.

Lip-sync dubbing is where the language is replaced with another language. You cannot hear the original voice track and the new voice track is synced to look as if the actor was originally speaking that language.

Looping is another method used and involves looping short phrases of the narration at a time. A machine assists in matching the timecode for the original language with the new audio track in effort to have it be completely seamless and synchronized. This method is an expensive and time-consuming.

A less expensive technique called lock-to-picture recording is similar to looping but doesn’t require all the equipment. A professional voice actor will watch the video as they translate, in an attempt to follow both video and audio cues. That way they can truly act out the scene and maintain the original integrity by paying attention to rhythm, intonation and inflection.

A direct verbatim translation is not necessarily the best as it typically becomes lengthy. Instead, an adaptation of the original narration is preferred. Mediapolis uses native speakers to translate and voice the script into the desired language.

Producing for International Translation

Every language in the world takes longer to say the same thing than English – some by as much as 25, even 50%. When recording on camera talent we recommend padding the beginning and ending. Then in post, all the on camera talent parts can easily be extended to accommodate the translation.

Globalization requires companies to communicate in many languages and dialects. Messages that are clearly understood and accepted in one language must be appropriately revised and refined by professional translators so that the content is embraced by another audience.

Our foreign language dubbing allow any video to be translated from one language to any number of other languages. This ensures that your message is always understood no matter what the language of your target audience.

Below is an example we recently did for Dairy Queen.

Mediapolis specializes in translating and dubbing training and marketing videos for businesses that want to reach another market in their native language. We handle even the most intricate vocabularies in a large number of languages and dialects.

Mediapolis provides narration, on-camera talent, on-screen graphics and titles for video, with the finished products available in a variety of formats.

We look forward to working with you on your next project that needs foreign language dubbing. Contact Mediapolis today to get started.

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