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Benjamin Franklin Quote Do well by doing goodPro bono video production supports Mediapolis’ commitment to supporting causes that contribute to the well-being of our community and environment. When our production schedule allows for it, Mediapolis takes on pro bono projects at reduced or no cost for select non-profit organizations. The video should address a pressing community social concern that informs and motivates a specific audience to take action. Each project is considered on a case-by-case special basis for a good cause.

The purpose of producing pro bono videos is to help Mediapolis develop new and deeper relationships within our community. This collaboration between Mediapolis and prospective clients supports our desire to apply our gifts to the direct needs of our community. These videos will also allow Mediapolis to enjoy creative freedom on interesting projects and showcase their talent to a wider audience.

On an ad hoc basis, Mediapolis will consider projects that meet specific criteria. Interested parties should develop, present and seek project proposal from Mediapolis. The criteria for subject selection will include, but not limited to:

  • Pressing community need, as determined by Mediapolis.
  • Positive likelihood of affecting desired outcomes in target audience.
  • A need that is not being addressed by existing social structures, i.e. government and social service agencies.
  • Need that is beyond the jurisdictions of an individual organization.
  • A need that is likely to attract interest from the community and government organizations, and the non-profit funding community.


  • Approval is at the sole discretion of Mediapolis.
  • Offer limited to registered 501(c)(3) organization, registered charity, or tax-exempt organization. However, for-profits with a focus on improving our world will also be considered.
  • Mediapolis may promote the work created in its social media channels or content marketing must include rights to the footage to show independently as demo reel examples.
  • Where possible, we kindly request Mediapolis be credited at the end of the video.
  • Mediapolis reserves the right to remove such credit and veto any mention of the company’s participation in your project.
  • We do not provide charitable support for individuals, for-profit ventures or political campaigns.

Your organization’s brand gets valuable visibility while we show our commitment to giving back and offering community goodwill. To request a pro bono video production, please contact us for more information.
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Pro Bono Video Production Activities

Listed below are some nonprofits that Mediapolis has worked with in the past.

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