Mission, Vision and Values

We strive to always do the best job for our clients and produce the strongest media for them, so that our media makes THEM money. That way, when they hire us to create their media is a profit center for them rather than a cost center.

We strive to add as much value for our clients as we can, in any and every way that we can.

We strive to NEVER get the most money we possibly can as our fee, but rather, to charge an affordable fee that compensates us fairly … while at the same time, based on the quality and results of our work, gives our clients not just their money’s worth, but more than their money’s worth.

We believe the more we establish our brand’s mission, vision, and values and the more we model storytelling in all of our communications, the more lively our external engagement efforts will become.

Our mission shapes us today. Our vision prepares us for  tomorrow. We can prepare for tomorrow if we believe in our values.


Mediapolis will delight people and businesses with results-oriented visual content that meets their marketing goals and communication objectives with competitive creativity and professional services.


Be an integral part of our customer’s success story. This means that we listen to their needs and use the best people and technology to create visual content that resonates with their target audience.


The following list of core values reflects what is truly important to us as an organization.  These are the heart and soul of our company culture and the essence of what it means to work at Mediapolis.

    • Treat others as you want to be treated
    • Be easy to do business with
    • Make clients look like heroes
    • Create amazing content through storytelling
    • Embrace continuous improvementcorporate video mission vision values
    • Pursue our goals as a team
    • Excellent customer service
    • Taking care of our people
    • Giving back
    • Respect for all people
    • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Building strong relationships

Lower overhead means we can offer video production, photography and website design at a lower cost. We are a small, nimble and agile small business. Our solutions come from a cross-disciplinary of individuals who work in collaborative teams; photographers who shoot video, illustrators who create motion graphics and writers who build websites. Our workflow is streamlined so that the people doing the work actually work with the client. This symbiotic relationship means that we both have a shared mission, vision and values.

Branding is about building trust and engaging with integrity and confidence. Therefor it’s no coincidences that the color of our logo is blue. Blue conveys strength, honesty, and trust.

Whether you need a corporate video or advertising, please call us at (612) 486-2221 or email us through the contact us page for more information. Our commitment is to is your complete happiness.

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