Podcasting Services

Reach your audience with podcasting services from Mediapolis. We offer local and remote recording, editing and publishing to popular podcasting services.

Podcasts are perfect for longer content. When you see a video that is 20 minutes long you usually move on. But podcasts are typical 30-40 minutes long. Topics may include technology, business, lifestyle, culture, news, entertainment or health & wellness. Most podcasts are just audio, but we also offer a video option with a single or multi-cameras.

Local On-Site Podcast Recording Service

With our on-site podcast recording service, we come to you. Whether you want to record interviews or panel discussions, our full-service on-site recording service can help. You supply the recording space, and we bring the equipment and audio technician.

Remote Guest Podcasting Services

When your guest(s) is out of state and not able to come to the recording site we offer several options to record the podcast audio.

If the host and guest(s) want to see each other there are several solutions. One solution is to use Skype. The Skype audio is not high quality so we recommend recording the audio to guest’s computer.

A double-ender is a remote recording solution that involves both the host and the remote guest recording locally on each participant’s computer, rather than over the internet. At the end of the show, the guest sends the audio recording to the editor, where the two audio tracks are stitched together.

The least expensive option is using a telephone. We are able to tap into both land lines and cell phones to record the audio. Although the quality is less than professional, it is common to hear this option used on both radio and television.

Another option is Zoom Pro Conferencing software that allows up to 35 people on a call and records separate tracks of audio for each person. With either Skype or Zoom, each guest would need a quality microphone.

The most expensive is to hire a local audio engineer to record the guest’s audio. This may also include renting a local studio to record the session.

Podcasting Services

We offer complete podcasting services.

  • Identify podcast topic
  • Identify your audience
  • Outline your show structure
  • Create a launch plan
  • Record your podcast
  • Edit your podcast (compression, noise reduction, voice equalization)
  • Consult with you to help you choose the best equipment for your budget, podcast style, and physical space
  • Design artwork for podcast
  • Add artwork, title, description and SEO tags
  • Write and record voice over for podcast intro and outro
  • Audition and choose music for intro and outro
  • Mix to MP3 & add ID3 tag
  • Design a podcast page on your website
  • Add the podcast player to your website
  • Professional audio transcription
  • Show notes
  • Configure hosting
  • Submit your podcast to popular podcasting sites like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and others
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A la carte Podcasting Services

We offer many services for podcasting, but we also offer our services a la carte. This means that you can choose any service to create a custom package.

For example if you want to record the podcast, all you have to do send it to us. We edit the episode as directed by you.

Or if you have a guest in the Twin Cities that you want recorded, we can provide the equipment and crew to record it locally.


We offer one-on-one podcast strategy session (coaching/consulting). Whether you need a one-time session or on-going support, we’re here for you.

Mediapolis can help you create your podcast, but we can also teach you how to create your own podcasts. From choosing the right equipment and software, we’ll work with your budget and ability to get you started.