Teleprompter Services

Mediapolis offers teleprompting services for many different needs from a through the lens teleprompter for video production to stage teleprompters for live events.

Through the Lens Teleprompter Rental

Mediapolis provides teleprompter services for people that need to talk directly to the camera, but need help with visual cues. With a teleprompter, the person speaking looks directly at the camera and visually sees scrolling text of a  script or speech. This makes it ideal for instructional videos and executive presentations. The speaker saves time because there is no memorization.  Umms and ahhs are eliminated because the speaker is reading the text.  A teleprompter enhances the production value by helping your on-camera talent look natural and professional because they feel confident and comfortable, especially when the talent isn’t the subject matter expert. The personal connection with the viewer is achieved… just what you want for a professional presentation.

The less familiar your presenter is with the script, the more you force the teleprompter to jeopardize a natural delivery. The intended use of a teleprompter is to prompt, but if your presenter fails to properly rehearse then the natural delivery and connection with your audience is lost.

Using cue cards is similar to using a teleprompter. The difference is that cue cards are held up next to the camera. Cue cards cause the smallest shift in eye-line that can be quite noticeable to the viewer. A teleprompter allows the person to look directly into the lens of the camera. The teleprompter operator scrolls the text up the screen at the same pace of the speaker. For a more convincing presentation, use a teleprompter.

Photo of Prompter People FLEX-15 for teleprompter servicesOur teleprompters have 15″ LCD high bright, image reversing screens with beam splitter glass that will fit most any size camera. The beam splitter glass allows the camera to see the subject, yet is reflective enough so words can be seen on the glass. The effective reading distance is about 18 feet depending on the size of the font. The camera can be mounted on the teleprompter or the teleprompter can mounted in front of the camera. Our systems are available for half-day or full-day rentals with an operator. A system includes the teleprompter, prompting software and a laptop computer.

Presidential Teleprompters for a Live Event

It hard to memorize a speech. Presidential teleprompters allow your speakers to see the text of their speech while presenting to an audience. It’s a more professional way to read a speech then the alternative of bobbing ones head from paper to audience. It’s also called a “Speech Teleprompter” as it is used primarily for a speaker at a live event. It’s been called a “Presidential” ever since president Eisenhower used one. It is commonly used for speeches, conferences, galas and live broadcasts.

A set of teleprompters are positioned on each side of the podium. Text on the monitor is reflected upwards towards each glass panel. As the teleprompter operator scrolls the text, the presenter will take turns reading the script from each glass panel while pretending to engage with the audience. The audience sees just a clear piece of glass to each side of the presenter.

Presidential teleprompters feature high bright monitors for uses indoors and outdoors. The kit comes with a pair of glass beam splitters, monitors, height adjustable poles, skirts and a professional teleprompter operator with a laptop and teleprompter software.

Confidence Monitor or DSM

A confidence monitor can also be used as a teleprompter. They are a useful tool for corporate events, and allow presenter to stay on track with their presentations and see what content is being displayed in the venue without turning their back to the audience.

Confidence monitors are also referred to as downstage monitors or DSMs because they are placed downstage from a presenter.  The monitor is propped up on stand that provides the presenter with a perfect view of the screens. The screens are not visible to the audience but sit in the eye-line of the onstage presenter to display PowerPoint slides, bullet points and more.

Interrotron Rental

There are two ways to conduct an interview, on axis or off axis. Off axis interviews are when the subject looks at the interviewer, who stands or sits next to the camera. An on axis interview is when the subject looks directly at the camera.

Most videos use the off axis technique for interviews. Looking off camera does communicate some level of emotional detachment, whether intentional or unintentional. To make the video more intense and intimate you want the interviewee looking directly at the camera. When the interviewee speaks directly to the camera it creates an instant connection with the viewer.

So how do remove the interviewer from the equation so that the interviewee looks directly at the viewer. The answer is an interrotron. The system is also called the Eye-to-Eye interview style prompting.

An Interrotron is basically two teleprompters, one for the interviewee and the other for the interviewer. Instead of the interviewee seeing a script, he or she will see the interviewer. With an interrotron the interviewee looks directly into the lens of the camera as opposed to looking off camera at the interviewer. The face-to-face interaction allows the interviewer to have a conversation with the interviewee just like the off axis interview.

The technique was first made popular by Errol Morris in the movie The Fog of War.

The result increases the comfort level between the subject and the interviewer. The interviewees responses seem warmer and more genuine as if they’re talking directly to the person watching the video.

We offer affordable teleprompter services for both video production and live events. We look forward to working with you as your teleprompting partner.