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Event Videographer for Hire in Minneapolis

When you need an event videographer in Minneapolis or anywhere else in the Twin Cities metro area, call Mediapolis. We offer affordable prices and professional results for corporate events.

Events range from presentations to interviews and B-roll at a convention.


For most corporate events, a single camera is the simplest and cheapest way to capture an event. For a speaker presentation, the crew person sets up a single camera in the back of the room on a platform.  Multiple cameras are used in situations when there is more than one speaker such as a panel. Using at least two cameras will avoid showing that awkward panning from presenter to presenter. For more information on shooting events with multiple cameras, see our live event streaming services page.

At events we also record interviews and B-roll footage. Most of the time we use one camera to record an interview, but two cameras can give interviews extra energy. They allow you to simultaneously record slightly different angles and focal length.  In post-production, the editor can cut back and forth between the two cameras. The editor can “punch-in” for dramatic effect. If there isn’t a lot of B-roll, having two cameras helps us avoid jump cuts.

B-roll is supplemental footage that is inter-cut with the main footage to support the storytelling. Many times, we’ll use a jib arm, slider, Steadicam or gimbal to enhance the professionalism of the video.


To capture the best sound at an event, we’ll tap into the house sound system. If we are recording interviews, then well supply a microphone for the subject. Sometimes we conduct interviews at the expo booth, but for the best sound quality it is preferable to record the interviews in a quiet area of the venue.

PA Sound System

Mediapolis can also provide a portable sound system for your event. Different packages are available depending on the size of the venue. We’ll even set up and operate the system.


Most events are held in hotel ballrooms or large conference rooms. Because these places are big it takes a lot of light to properly expose the camera. We can supply a large light to light a single speaker, but if you need to light an entire stage, then you should talk to your event planner.

We provide all the lighting for properly lighting an interview.


After the event, most clients want to edit the footage. The full or partial portions of the presentation can be edited with PowerPoint slides or other text/graphics. Highlight or promotional videos are produced from the interviews.

When you need an event videographer in Minneapolis that’s professional, affordable and creative, contact the experts at Mediapolis. We have the talent, resources, and technology to bring your concept and vision to life. Please call us at (612) 486-2221 or email us through the contact us page for more information.

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