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Effective and Affordable Training Videos

Training videos are exceptionally effective because they deliver your message in a concise, Training videosconsistent, perfectly correct and emotionally stimulating manner. The power of the visual medium allows viewers to watch the video over and over again until the information is understood. It’s an excellent way to clarify “how to” steps and can be used to support conventional face-to-face training sessions. Hence, quality training videos that use clear communication can cut down on training expenses.

Reduce Costs

Corporate training can be time-consuming and costly. As a result, you can minimize your costs by cutting back on travel expenses. In fact, with training videos, employees can access the training and course content from anywhere at any time.

Examples of training videos include:

        • Customer service
        • On-boarding
        • Customer self-help
        • Crisis management
        • Discrimination issues
        • Workplace safety
        • Employee motivation
        • Employee orientation
        • Loss control
  • Company announcements
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • Performance enhancement
  • Post-incident/accident retraining
  • Product training and support
  • OSHA compliance
  • Risk management
  • Employee conflict resolution
  • Harassment or violence prevention

 Traditional Ways to Produce a Training Video

Traditionally, most training is delivered with a face-to-face instructional lecture that includes a talking head with presentation slides and an audience.

Teaching on camera is a variant of this. This method has the presenter teaching in front of a camera but not to a live group. When you’re speaking to a group of people, you can feed off of their energy. You can read their body language and their facial expressions. You’re constantly adjusting your delivery to meet the needs of your learners, but when you’re speaking to a camera, you’re staring into a piece of technology known a teleprompter.

Is your audience motivated to sit down and watch an hour-long or more of a recorded lecture? Consider breaking the training up into five minute videos because from the student’s perspective, watching videos seem less daunting. From teacher’s perspective, it makes the creation process significantly easier to manage. These targeted videos also help identify gaps in knowledge. The student is able to review that a video as many times as they need to before they move on to the next one.

Training Video with Storytelling

Anyone who has watched training videos knows this ugly truth: most training is unlistenable, unwatchable, and incomprehensible. Have you every sat through a talk thinking to yourself, “I have no idea what was just said, what this is all about, or why it was necessary to waste everyone’s time.” Many presentations are cruel endurance tests where the presenter reads the long sentences on his or her PowerPoint slides while the audience struggles to stay awake.

A more effective way to grab your audience’s attention is by using storytelling in your training videos.  These videos are crafted in a way to create interest and they have four essential components: connection, characters, tension and conflict and use the problem/solution story structure that follows a story arc.  These videos use either actors or real people to play believable roles that are written by a scriptwriter. The storytelling relies on real world scenarios to entertain the viewer by putting them in another world. To make your training more effective consider using storytelling in your videos.

Discovery Session

For example, at your free discovery session, we ask a series of exploratory questions designed to help us understand your industry, how you currently train your workforce, and the training needs you want to fill. We analyze your:

    •  Industry-specific challenges
    •  Target audience
    •  Training objectives
    •  Media options for delivery

Based upon our analysis, we deliver a detailed proposal to you, outlining our plan for developing and producing your project. When development begins, our instructional designer/script-writing team works directly with you to gain a deep understanding of your training goals. For example, content experts work with our production team from scripting through post production to the insure accuracy and consistency of the final product.

Professional from Start to Finish

Mediapolis is eager to work on your next training video. From concept to completion, small budgets or a major production. Hence, we can do everything from writing the script, hiring talent, location scouting and planning, choosing the proper equipment and locations and most importantly, helping you understand the process to make the project as easy and stress free as possible.

No matter what your budget, we approach every client and every project with one goal…to thoroughly understand and satisfy your objectives.

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