Focus Group Video Recording

See the Whole Picture with Focus Group Video Recording

Recording video of your focus group or market research study allows you to see the whole picture. A survey or questionnaire will provide you with just a glimpse of a participant’s opinions, but a video  of a focus group or one-on-one with participants provides you the entire picture. A focus group allows you to gain insight into your target customers’ needs, pain points and opinions.

Local Partner

You provide the facilitator or moderator, participants and location and we add value by being your local partner that records the focus group. Whether you are off-site at hotel or conducting ethnographic research in public or private setting. we can help you gain a full understanding of your customers.

ethnographic research graphic

Live Streaming and Recording

Mediapolis can provide screen capture, multi-camera recording and live streaming. Our camera setup allows us to capture multiple study angles and varying focal lengths so that we capture key respondent behavior. You can choose from several different content delivery networks to watch the live stream. We typically record in high definition, but standard definition is an option.

The Right Microphone for the Right Job

Using the right microphone will record better audio. For example, we use special mics called a boundary microphone that are inconspicuous and can be placed on a table, podium, wall or wherever you want wide coverage. They respond best when surface-mounted.

Video Highlights Reel

We can produce a customized video containing highlights from your focus group.  The reactions and responses that support the key findings of the research from the research participants are found by logging the footage.  Typically we provide you with footage so you can choose the best video clips. Alternatively, we can create a rough cut of the video that is evaluated by you. Your suggestion would then be incorporated in the final cut.

The highlight video may include voice-over narration and graphics. We can also provide you with short clips that can be easily inserted into a PowerPoint presentation.