Phone System and IVR

Phone system and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) voice prompts are produced & mastered at Mediapolis. We deliver them to you “ready-to-use” and in your required audio format.

Voicemail Greetings

Professionally recorded phone greetings establish your brand and build credibility with your customers and partners.

A voicemail greeting is a short recording that callers hear when you don’t pick up the call. They’re fairly short, straightforward explanations that:

  • Greets the caller and explains you are unable to take their call
  • Instructs the caller to leave a message, and what information they should include in their message
  • Lets a caller know that you will call them back

Message On Hold Program Scripts

A Message On Hold program plays an on hold message after the caller has navigated through your phone menu recordings or a representative has placed the call on hold.

Voice Over Talent

We have an extensive roster of professional voice talent from which to choose. You’re sure to find the perfect voice for your production. We offer voice-over recordings in most international languages and can also provide multi-lingual voice-over talent.