TV Commercials

Creative TV Commercials that Drive Action

Creative TV commercials are what drives action. Tell your story with a commercial or ad campaign that tells your brand story. Do you want to raise awareness for an upcoming promotion? 

Make an emotional connection. Your audience needs to connect with your message, to strike the right emotional note, tell a story, and focus on what makes your brand unique.

Whether online or on screen, our team delivers creative concepts, brand messaging and well-executed campaigns – on time and on budget.

Cable TV Advertising

Cable TV advertising is a cost effective way to reach your target audience. You can place your TV commercials on the cable channels that your client’s watch and even select a particular zone like Minneapolis or St. Paul. You don’t have to pay for the whole metro area like you would on a broadcast station.

Connected TV

Connected TV (CTV) advertising refers to video ads that are delivered via streaming like YouTube or a subscription service like Hulu or Netflix. The viewer watches the program on a smart TV or regular TV equipped with a device such as Roku or Fire stick. The ads are shown during a viewer’s movie, TV show, or other video content.

Broadcast Specifications

Technical specifications for television production are stricter than videos that are produced for the internet. These requirements are simply not known to non-professionals. With over 30 years of video production experience, Mediapolis will deliver broadcast quality videos. Our experienced editors insure that your on-screen titles and graphics are title and action safe and that the video and audio is broadcast safe. Most TV and cable stations are digital but they all require different codecs. Mediapolis will properly encode your video so that when your customers watch your TV commercial it plays back correctly on all TV screens.

Below are some sample TV commercials that we have produced.